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What if I change my mind?

In some cases, we can offer a full or partial refund based on the production stage. If your suit pattern has been made, trims ordered, or fabric cut, then there may be a partial refund or discount code offered to you. Please refer to APX Suits Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy and Modification of Order Details Policy for more details.

What if I’m not happy with the fit of my suit?

At APX Suits, we have a stringent Quality Control (QC) process to ensure no skydiving or tunnel suit leaves our factory without being scrutinized. If your suit does not fit when you receive it, please get in touch immediately through your account so we can promptly help to resolve this for you.

APX Suit Rig Gripper.

The innovative APX Rig Gripper is custom-designed to hold your skydiving container and reducing unwanted movement during freefly. If you have opted for a Rig Gripper, we advise against using your suit in the tunnel, as the gripper is not intended for high abrasive impacts.

Warranty and Claims.

APX Suits is proud of its commitment to high-quality products and manufacturing standards. On the off chance, faults may occur. If you believe your suit is faulty, please contact our support team through your APX Account and we will be able to help resolve any issues you may have. We offer a 12-month warranty period from the delivery date on major defects and a 1-month warranty on minor defects. Our warranty and defects claims do not cover defects caused by crashes, improper care, normal wear and tear, or natural fading of materials and colours over time and with use. Please refer to the APX Suits Warranty Disclaimer for further details.

How do I measure correctly?

Close enough is not good enough. Measure twice, so we only cut once! It’s critical that your body measurements are accurate. You will need another person to help you measure correctly. Please do not attempt to measure by yourself, this will lead to a suit that may not fit and could inhibit your performance. Do not measure yourself wearing thermal undergarments or underlayers. Underwear is fine. Please do not add or remove lengths to your final body measurements, as material characteristics and final fit has been developed by APX expert flyers. If you are confused by any measurements during the step-by-step guided measurement process, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

APX does things differently…

We have carefully sourced and engineered our fabrics using the latest technology that enhances performance while being eco-friendly. Unfortunately, certain methods of fabric printing [like sublimation printing] use toxic chemicals that compromise sustainability and safety for our technicians, you and the environment. We have chosen to follow our convictions and do not offer custom printing because we cannot guarantee that our fabrics will adhere to strict sustainability standards. If you had your heart set on featuring your Mum’s face on your APX Suit, we may not be able to accommodate that request.

We do things right…

We might not have the largest suit range right now, but what we offer is designed with passion and tested in the real world. This means we only launch something when we are confident will give you an edge, not just wind protection. Stick with us as we grow and expand our range.

What you see may not be what you get…

We have gone to great lengths to try colour match our physical fabrics to on-screen digital display. In reality though, every desktop and mobile screen is different. We hope you love our colour palette as much as we do. However, achieving accurate digital representation may vary as we have no control over external devices.

Why do I need to register an account to make a purchase?

All of our suits are custom-made to meet your requirements. We need to collate necessary data to communicate effectively with our production team to ensure our quality control measures are carried out effectively. This also gives you the ability to retrieve your measurements the next time you purchase a suit, avail exclusive offers and discounts specially tailored for you, a streamlined checkout process for swift and hassle-free shopping experiences.

APX and Sustainability.

APX is continuously evolving. We aim to minimize environmental impact from our products. That’s why we have diligently sourced fabrics and components that are certified to have the least impact on both people and the environment.

What is BLUESIGN®?

The bluesign® manufacturer certification ensures that our fabrics and components are produced using chemicals and processes safe for both people and the environment and that air and water emissions from the manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.

About Us.

It all started because we are passionate about skydiving. We brought our talents and experience together to try and push the boundaries and improve performance across the various disciplines of the sport. APX have partnered with hand-selected ambassadors who inspire us to create and do things differently. We strive to make world-class suits that allow skydivers and tunnel flyers to master control and refine every angle of their descent or tunnel time. We believe that excellence lies in the details, and we consistently try to refine every component we create.

APX Suit care instructions.

To ensure the longevity and quality of your APX Suits products, we recommend following our care instructions, which can be found following the QR link provided with your order. Proper care includes washing, storage, and maintenance guidelines.

Further assistance?

You can reach our customer support team through your APX Account or by contacting us at We are here to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have.

How do I get involved?

Flick us a message or DM on our APX Suits website or social media platforms! We’d love to hear from you, especially if you are passionate about the sport and love our brand. Sponsorships are available for athletes at different levels.